essbee80 (essbee80) wrote in happy_healthy,

Intro post and poll request

Hi all and thanks for joining! What i'd like to see in this community is a chance for us to share motivational, recipe ideas, exercise tips and basically anything and everything related to feeling healthier and happier. I'm thinking about running specific challenges like i've done previously in another community - including lose a stone in 3 months, how many glasses of water can you drink etc etc so let me know if you're interested or even better suggest your own!

Could everyone please fill out the following poll as i'm trying to decide whether to make the community friends only or open membership

Poll #625863 Friends only?

Should this journal be visible for anyone or friends only?

Open posts
Friends only posts

I've only invited women so far but does anyone object to men being invited also if they stick to the same rules? Let me know your opinions.

Hopefully you'll all use this community as its for you guys and will only work if its used.
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